16 March 2008

Black Berry Customers Under Scanner

1. All black berry customers emails are going to be under scanner and for that TRAI is issuing the guidelines as the data in these services pass in an encrypted form.

2. However one need not fear as only anti social elements working against the interests of the nation need to fear from this step.

15 March 2008

Telecom Revolution is Marvellous

1. It is amazing to note that people are changing their phones at the drop of hat as technology is changing so fast.

2. I was further amazed that prices of the same Nokia 6300 which I had bought at 12000 levels has falle to 6800 levels with in a less than 2 years span.

3. Thus in my hind sight I feel that these people are correct in using and selling these hand sets to get the best resale price.

Nokia N96 Update

1. It is amazing to note that telecom is transforming the life of the individuals at a very fast pace and one can call the telecom revolution as next to industrial revolution which is going to make one rule the world and for that one needs to have Mobile Phones through which one can transform the way the world business gets conducted.

2. One must use Nokia phones as I have found those phones to be most competitively priced providing the best in technology and thus am eagerly awaiting the launch of Nokia N96 which has looks similar to the N81 slider on the outside whereas inside it has numerous features and thus one can call it as the highest specification phone released by Nokia so far. It has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and is having a camera which is 5 mega pixels with Carl-Zeiss optics and dual LED flash and thus one can say that one can straightway put ones costly camera in cupboard. It has quad band GSM and dual band 3G HSDPA radio frequencies and it also has a built-in GPS receiver with A-GPS support plus 3.5mm headphone socket for audio, TV-Out in SDTV resolution and DVB-H receiver.

3. If one is a prospective mobile phone buyer than one will not be able to get the most competitive deal without checking Nokia Mobile Phones as Nokia Phones have become synonymous with technology at competitive price.

21 February 2008


1. I bought the IMATE JAQ model to gift it to my employees as a new year gift and was amazed by the number of features being offered by the phone.

2. I was able to get these phones in online shopping and the discount was just tremendous and was surprised that such a magnificent phone can be made available at such throwaway prices.

3. In my hindsight I feel that it must be due to the stiff competition.

Remarkable iphone Wallpapers

1. It is no doubt that to flaunt an Iphone is a matter of pride and a ego booster but a number of features remain unexplored in it by virtue of the ignorance or lack of time. However one can explore the versatile features of the phone and the said task has been made easier by this portal which is an authority for iphone. One can have assess to innumerable iphone wallpapers at planet-iphones which will provide a great look to the phone and will also reflect the personality of the user.

2. One need not scratch the head for downloading these wallpapers as a remarkable explanatory post has been written with complete downloading instructions and thus even a layman can get cracking to download. One can even make the iphone possession a source of envy for the neighbors and friends by virtue of the amazing iphone mods which can be undertaken with the help of the portal which has become a authority on the said subject.

3. One has the option to choose between numerous iphone wallpaper and the same has been categorized meticulously in form of abstract, animals, cars, food & drink, gaming, movies, music, nature, hot babes, hot guys, music, nature, places, sports, television and holidays etc. Thus one is bound to find desired wallpaper at the portal and that too without annoying embedded watermarks. Moreover one should not forget to read and implement a number of tips available on the portal which can help one make the iphone all the more user friendly.

Remarkable iphone Wallpapers

1. It is no doubt that to flaunt an Iphone is a matter of pride and a ego booster but a number of features remain unexplored in it by virtue of the ignorance or lack of time. However one can explore the versatile features of the phone and the said task has been made easier by this portal which is an authority for iphone. One can have assess to innumerable iphone wallpapers at planet-iphones which will provide a great look to the phone and will also reflect the personality of the user.

2. One need not scratch the head for downloading these wallpapers as a remarkable explanatory post has been written with complete downloading instructions and thus even a layman can get cracking to download. One can even make the iphone possession a source of envy for the neighbors and friends by virtue of the amazing iphone mods which can be undertaken with the help of the portal which has become a authority on the said subject.

3. One has the option to choose between numerous iphone wallpaper and the same has been categorized meticulously in form of abstract, animals, cars, food & drink, gaming, movies, music, nature, hot babes, hot guys, music, nature, places, sports, television and holidays etc. Thus one is bound to find desired wallpaper at the portal and that too without annoying embedded watermarks. Moreover one should not forget to read and implement a number of tips available on the portal which can help one make the iphone all the more user friendly.

8 February 2008

Online Casinos Welcome Bonus

1. A number of amazing online casinos are available and one has to literally scan through the plethora of information to get the best. However joyland casino is an online portal with a difference which provides $808 welcome bonus for new players.

2. One can be sure of the transparency at casino joyland as it is using a sophisticated Random Number Generator (RNG) which ensures that a randomized outcome for each game is generated.

7 February 2008

Mobiles as Cameras

1. I have used the camera mobile optimally and it has made my Yashica mobile redundant as now I have the facility to create video coupled with clicking photographs.

2. World wide the time is not far when the cameras as a single unit will be replaced by mobiles with camera phones.

Multiple Uses of Mobile Phone

1. Mobile phone has become more than just a talking machine as now one can use the camera of the mobile phone to click photographs.

2. PDA have the facility to even open word documents or view the slide shows in power point and thus one can have all the features of a computer in a mobile phone.

Buy Quality Essay Online

1. It is a known fact that one has to burn midnight oil to write research papers and one has to decide before hand that whether one is going to persuade or to examine the subject.

2. However all those who wants to have A+ reports and also want a push in their career can go for custom research papers which are written with originality and is sure to be approved by the tutor.

3. One can be sure that when one is paying to buy essay online; than the rate charged is most appropriate as these are quality essays written and thus the charges are commensurate to the effort.

Personal Experience Buying Mobile Online

1. I have personally bought a mobile which is a PDA at a throw away price and it has become the talk of the town especially among my colleagues and friends.

2. It is just a matter of chance and thus one has to be on the look out on the net at shopping sites to get great deals in electronics and especially in mobile phones.

Buy Mobile Phones Online

1. One can get a great deal if one can shop online for the mobiles as a number of models are available with the company which are not very showing that remarkable sales figure.

2. Thus these companies to prove their mettle in that particular model sells the same online at throwaway prices just to gather the magic sales figure and buyer thus gets a great deal.

29 January 2008

Best Thing Found: Zenni Optical

1. My friend was looking for prescription sunglasses which should have durability and comfort and also do not burn a hole in her pocket and came to me for advice. I advised her to check out Zenni Optical $8 Rx Glasses as these have set a new bench mark in the industry dealing with eye care glasses.

2. She was amazed that such quality prescription glasses were available at such a small amount and heralded it as a Best Thing Found: Zenni Optical and even pasted its posters in the college.

3. Nonetheless in my hindsight I thought that it was a Great Discovery: Zenni Optical definitely deserved the kudos from all of us as it had made the life of all college goers very affordable as its glasses were made with high quality material.

28 January 2008

Online Shopping for Mobiles

1. One has an option to buy mobiles from online shopping platforms and one can be sure to get a steal price by virtue of neck throat competition.

2. I bought an Imate for rs 6999/- though market price is 13000/- plus. it was all the more a good deal as I even got the option to pay the amount in 6 EMI without any interest liability.

Online Pool

1. It has been my desire to play billiard online every day but due to my preoccupation the same is not feasible.

2. Since my wife is online savvy she informed me about an online portal which allows one to play 8-Ball Pool, snooker and 9-Ball Pool which enables one to achieve the same level of precision as the same is feasible in a real life pool.

5 January 2008

Competition is Good for Telecom Sector

1. It has been seen world wide that the competition in the mobile segment and air wave space management always rings good for the subscribers.

2. More the competition more is merrier for customers as is seen by the mobile subscribers in India where Bharti and reliance communications has unleashed the price war again and has brought the prices to extreme lows for the call rates. Santa has definitely brought goodies for these subscribers as they are enjoying the cheapest mobile rates world wide.

Use Mobile Functions to the Fullest

An article from the web teaching about the use of calculator function on the mobile makes an interesting reading.

Online Purchase of Cell Phone

1. I had this horrible experience of ordering a mobile phone through a shopping network which promised me the phone with in 15 days delivered at my phone.

2. It is more than 45 days but not a trace of phone. I have written them a hard worded email and they have replied with a phone call and has written that due to logistic problem they will deliver product in next 15 days.

3. I hope the phone is delivered.

Online Casino: Innovative Use of Internet

1. Generally online casino is considered as a vice but only a few people understand this act that it helps develop an individual's hidden talent like decision taking ability, risk taking ability and not to forget the ability to make money.

2. Despite all the wrong notions attached to it one will find quality casino games which are reliable and safe and help in providing excitement on the net and not to forget help one become a professional.

3. Thus if you want to get bonus to the tune of 320% of your deposited amount, than go all out and play and explore the games at vegas casino which helps one to become professional.

3 January 2008

Reliance Communication Vs Bharti Airtel

1. Reliance Communications and Bharti airtel has taken the world by storm by bringing the lowest cell phone rates to the public in India.

2. Bharti Airtel is a better betr in a shorter term by virtue of its larger customer base but in times to come reliance capital will overshoot Bharti once it leverages on the tower business and also gets GPRS licence for whole of India.

Cell Companies Wake up to reality of Cell Manners

1. It is high time that the cell companies undertake the onus to bring the user handbook for mobile manners to bring an enlightenment among the general public.

2. I in particular liked Hutch and vodafone combined entity ad in which a small baby kicked a man who was trying to take his photograph with cell camera and the message was respect privacy of individuals.

Memorable Online backgammon Experience

1. Life is short and thus must be enjoyed to its fullest and thus nothing can produce a better high than playing backgammon online whic should be undertaken only at a reliable site else it may become a nightmare.

2. Ideal sites for online backgammon are those which can enable a person to get the prize money hassle free and thus one must concentrate on their software reliability and graphics which should be a parametre for selecting a site to play backgammon and of course not to forget friendly tips and updated tournament schedule which can make an individual a professional player.

28 December 2007

Never Mix Mobile calls with Driving

1. Avoid calling in heavy Traffic or poor weather conditions.

2. Tell the caller that you are driving.

3. Avoid getting entangled in emotional conversation as one is liable to make an error in driving.

4. Effectively use SMS service.

6. One should drive safely to a side to answer a call.

7. Use Your Phones Features to Reduce the Effort to Make a Call like voice activated dialing, automatic answering features etc

8. One should avoid taking notes, sending SMS or looking phone numbers while driving.

Tips for Safe Driving With a Mobile

1. One is at a grave risk if one drives in addition to listening to phone. Use following measures if attending phone is difficult.

2. Hire a driver to drive car.

3. Use Hands free if luxury of driver is not available.

4. Make calls after bringing vehicle to a halt.

5. receive calls after bringing vehicle to a halt.

Play Online Backgammon as an Expert

1. If one wants to become an expert player in online backgammon tournaments than one must read their free tips on the said subject which are quite exhaustive.

2. Remember one has to be on the time to play backgammon tournaments failing which an individual is penalized.

3. If playing backgammon online is an
individual's passion than one can amass wealth with a small token 'buy in' which ranges
from $1 to $20.

Mobile Phone Maintenance Tips- II

1. One should use only genuine batteries in mobile only.

2. One should use a soft cloth only to clean phones and should avoid using the detergents.

3. Use covers with air pockets to prevent phone from dust.

4. remember poor quality covers can damage phone by creating humidity inside the cover.

5. remember to store the phone in a dry place.

6. Keep Phone in a stable temperature environment.

Mobile Maintenance Tips- I

1. One should keep his mobile charged. Periodically ensure that one lets the battery discharge fully and than charge it to maintain optimum life for the battery.

2. Be careful in enabling lock on sim change as if one erroneously removed the Sim phone will get locked but activate this service in consultation with service

3. Do enable the phone lock code a security feature.

4. Do note your phone IMEI number and inform the same to your service provider in case mobile is stolen.

26 December 2007

Know Poker Odds With Poker Calculator

1. Have one ever felt being awful for not being able to assess the poker odds correctly which led to losing money in online poker. A number of times people undergo remorse for committing mistake and thus losing the game.

2. Days of feeling guilty are over by virtue of availability of knowing the odds by virtue of holdem calculator which enables any player to be an informed man.

3. The remarkable poker calculator is mathematically tested as it has been made by statistician experts. Moreover expert players have been also incorporated while creating the same to get the best results.

25 December 2007

Phone safety Tips- II

1. One should avoid inviting attention to costly mobile by obvious gestures.

2. Avoid leaving the mobile phone unattended in public arena.

3. Avoid keeping windows of car down while travelling as people in a criminal group will make your attention diverted and make way with your costly mobile.

4. Most obvious to avoid talking on mobile while driving.

5. Avoid keeping mobile on dashboard while driving.While driving, never keep your cellphone on the dashboard.

Mobile safety Tips- I

1. Do remember to use your phone security lock code.
2. Always remember to disable the blue tooth when not in use.
3. Keep Blue tooth search option hidden and put it on only when you want it to be on.
4. Let a cord be attached to your mobile phone.
5. Do remember to have an anti virus software installed in mobile phone.

Charity Begins at Home

1. Humanity is not dead as people are out to make the world better by their small endeavors which gets combined to become a large endeavor as we can see the same in form of an anti drug use documentary prepared by this organization with the aid received by selling the boats received through Boat Donations at EBay. It is amazing to see the documentary the way star cast ranging from skateboard legends Jay Adams from Dogtown's Z Boys, Christian Hosoi, Dennis Martinez (world champion), Bruce Logan (world skateboarding champion) have brought life to their story of their rise, shine and followed by fall due to usage of the drugs and message has been well received as drugs can destroy not only the present generation but also the generations to come and I salute them for their efforts.

2. It is not easy to carry on the crusade without incurring the expenditure but this organization has been able to keep the expenditure under control and is not allowing to exceed it 5% of total receipts. Let us be a part of the humane endeavor by promoting the Charity Boat Donations concept. Do remember to spread the word to get Free DVDs for which an individual is not charged any thing as the shipping is also free of cost.

24 December 2007

Managing Phone Bill - II

1. One should be aware of the charges for using the voice mail as it may happen that one may be charged on listening the messages. In such a case do clear the back log as each time one listens tio it an individual is being charged.

2. SMS is considered as a single message for 160 characters and any character more than is part of another SMS charges.

Managing Phone Bill - I

1. One must plan his/her budget to keep the expenditure on the phone bill under control and the same can be undertaken by going for a pre-paid card as it restricts the calling ability and of course the phone bill. One has even the option of changing the plan once an individual is able to become financially disciplined.

2. Consider whether sending an SMS is cheaper than making a call and thus one can take a bundled pack for SMS which will come cheap.

Upcoming Telecom Stocks

It is no doubt that the telecom industry is on a boom in India and one can benefit from it by investing in the stocks related to telecom sector in India and the prominent names which comes to the mind is Tata tele services, Reliance communication and airtel. One can get a daily update for Free Indian Stock Tips and make money till the sector is in uptrend.

Medical Assistant Training Programs

1. It is very important to be settled in an industry which is a sun shine industry as it enables an individual to rise high in life and the same is possible by virtue of undertaking medical assistant training programs as it enables one to get into the fastest growing industry of the America.

2. One can find suitable medical assistant schools near an individual's location and of course if the same is not available than the alternative of online training is available. A prominent name which is listed is of University of Phoenix which offers both Internet-based and campus-based Medical Assistant programs. Job is guaranteed as institutions prefer to hire certified medical assistants.

3. The online portal has researched links for the medical assistant programs which can help an individual get the job which may pay up to $ 67000 per annum. Now a days health care institutes are looking for competitive health care personnel’s as gone are the days when any hospital ran only on the basis of the qualification of its doctors employed.

4. The type of job determines the period of training as people can get employed as medical transcriptions post completion of a 1-year certificate and technical positions in ultrasonography or radiological technology require at least a 2-year associate's degree for people with no prior medical experience.

14 December 2007

Mobile Phone Manners

1. Try to receive call in another room and do not disturb others.

2. Use silent mode in conferences.

3. Turn off the phone when not required and do let your frequent callers know of the schedule to avoid being disturbed.

4. Try to talk slow to keep your conversations private.

5. Speak softly.

6. Employ messaging service.

7. Do not send inappropriate messages.

8. Respect others' privacy when using in-phone cameras.

10. Ban the ring: not the phone as some people may want to reach you urgently.

Intro GSM Technology

1. GSM network is designed for using digital wireless technology and in India GSM technology is predominant.

2. it is able to offer compatible wireless services to all mobile users in all over the world and its basic requirements are Services, quality of services and security, radio frequency utilization and of course the availability of network

Evaluate Before Buying a Mobile

1. A number of handsets in easy finance reach has led people to change handsets at a moment notice but do evaluate your decision to avoid regretting later3on in time to come.

2. Do remember your budget and get best technology suited for you.

3. Do figure out your service provider and check whether that model functions with it.

4. Features requirement will determine your purchase decision and ofcourse the budget.

5. Choose for both GSM and CDMA network if you are a roaming type individual.

Cheap Mobile is not Always Suited

1. I had an urgent need to get a mobile as I had lost my costly instrument and I settled for cheap version of Nokia offering black and white screen and I was dismayed with it in a few hours of purchase.

2. The reason for being dismayed was that I went for a cheap model but it did not show up any thing in bright sun light and thus it was an agony to find a number in broad day light.

Backgammon has taken World by Storm

1. Determined to have fun and excitement than one can join Mister-Gammon backgammon tournaments and one is sure to get a tournament suiting his/her time plan.

2. Opening a backgammon account for playing online backgammon is free, quick and it takes only a few valuable minutes to get started.

3. One has the option to play backgammon online involving money or free for pure fun without any commitment.

2 December 2007

Innovative Uses of Mobile Info through SMS

1. Mobile is being used to provide information regarding routes, Traffic jams, advertisement, book airline tickets, read newspapers and last but not least the information regarding nearest Loo to your area of movement.

2. This innovative concept of Loo information has been launched by a woman who always found it difficult venturing into Mcdonald restaurants just for the purpose of visiting Loo.

3. Full marks to the young lady for her innovative compilation of data.

Online Backgammon Tournaments Information

1. I have seen a number pf players regretting for not being able to play backgammon due to their busy schedules. However, now the wait is over as gammon-world has got the largest information base for the backgammon tournaments and each can now play backgammon as per his/her convenience and time plan suiting them.

2. If you are above 18 years one can just download the software and practice free of cost and can be the lucky one who can win rake money to the tune of $50000.

11 November 2007

Dummy Calls

1. Youngsters are using the faciliy of dummy calls very effectively where they have tied up with in their friend circles that they will give a ring for so many number of times will mean this and if a different number of times the ring is given it means a different connotation.

2. However the cellular companies have turned the tables on them by providing them with free calls with in a friend circle and by lowering the charges of a call. Cell companies have made call rates so low that it looks cheap undertaking dummy calls route and people now consider you a money saver if one refers dummy call concept.

3. Innovation is the key of this battle but ultimately customer is the king.

Avail Faxless PayDay Loans to Tide Over Short Term Financial Crisis

1. Have you ever used a finance calculator to find the finance charges which are being levied by the service providers for Payday Loans as in times of crisis people forego the requirement to calculate the same due to urgency involved for the requirement of cash. Well paydayloanquotes has a finance calculator on its home page and do consider using that to understand your interest component outgo for a short loan. I am particularly impressed with the finance calculator available on its home page.

2. Do not confuse PaydayLoanQuotes as a lender as it is only a payday loan matching site which is helping consumers to compare prices for short-term No Fax Payday Loans options.

3. So if your requirement is for an amount ranging from $100 up to $1,500, than do not wait and apply for the same to get a Faxless Payday Loans which is provided with confidentiality and is credited electronically.

4. One must know that certain lenders in its network do use social security number to search a national database of consumers who have a record of loan transactions. However people who have suffered bankruptcy are also eligible for the loan provided conditions of the lenders are met.

10 November 2007

Method to Change Hutch Logo to Vodafone

1. In case your handset is still displaying Hutch logo than changing it to vodafone logo is a one step away only.

2. Send a SMS "Vodafone" to 56565 and your logo will be changed to vodafone.

Do Not Disturb Initiative From Vodafone

1. Vodafone has launched Do Not Disturb facility for its 32.4 Million customers across 16 circles in India. Now the subscribers can create their own blacklists and thus unwanted calls can be blocked.

2. One can activate the call filter service by dialling 55144 or can dial *514# and it costs Rs 99 per month and one also needs to pay 50 paisa per minute for manual activation. This is the first initiative of its kind in this industry.

Unique PayDay Loan Matching Service for UK Residents

1. It is a new booming online business where sites are acting as a mediator between the service seeker and service provider. The same is the case for Payday Loans provider and seeker industry.

2. So if one has an emergency cash requirement one can get short term loans ranging between £80 up to £750 and that too at competitive rate as Roberts Bridge Financial enables the loan providers to compete for your business and as a net result one is able to get the most competitively priced Cash Advance for the emergencies.

3. is a payday loan matching service for UK residents and it also features a link for US citizens on its home page. However one must use this service judiciously and use this Salary Advance in real times of crisis like salvaging the personal credit rating.

4. One just needs to fill an online application giving the details like Personal, banking, employment and amount required information and the lenders start competing for the business and may also undertake credit check from a major credit reporting bureau.

5. It is to note that Roberts Bridge Financial is not a financial institution or a lender and thus one has to deal with the loan provider who will approach you once the application is submitted online. Use the facility judiciously and have a win-win situation in life in form of timely credit to bridge finance gap between Pay Checks and that too at competitive lending rates.

Is Mobiles Slowing Memory?

1. It is a known fact that by virtue of inbuilt memory of a phone, nobody even puts pressure on mind to remember the phone numbers.

2. Earlier using the landline one at least used to try to remember the number and thus it also developed the mathematical ability of the mind.

3. It is surprising that people even do not know the phone numbers of their mobile and requests others to tell them their mobile number.

4. Is this number game taking our brain analytical ability backwards.

Never Pay Full Price For a New Car

1. Car purchase is a major decision and these days it is a family affair. My son has a fascination for cartoon character ‘Honda’ who is a super cop and when I mentioned regarding Honda Cars, he just got hooked to it and wanted to ensure that I bought only that particular brand car.

2. I found that the said car was out of my budget by virtue of its better styling and features and thus me and my son were morose as we were not in a position to buy the said car.

3. However it was God sent information when my neighbor advised me to check out the Honda Car Quotes and I found a ray of hope as I found two quotes much lower than wholesale price.

4. Finally we were able to buy Honda car courtesy our neighbor and CarsBlvd which helped us to compare prices of vehicles and that too fast and free of cost. At times I feel that had I been not advised to check Honda Car Prices by our neighbor we would have had been deprived of a world class vehicle and took him for a five star dinner as a gesture and wrote an overwhelming review for CarsBlvd which fulfilled mine and my son’s dream come true.

21 October 2007

SMS on the Move Through Voice Recognition Software

1. Using Mobile Phones during driving can lead to accidents and thus the firms came with the concept of Hands free Kits to enable a user to speak while driving though it is also against the motor Laws of India but this facility is allowed in certain states of US.

2. However if one is interested in sending a SMS on the move, than it is difficult, however Google and Nuance(voice recognition Software)have tied together to create a way for drivers to dictate the text and thus a SMS will be sent while on the move also.

Grow Business with Internet Marketing News

1. Being in the field of technology also requires one to be updated with the field of Internet Marketing as both the fields are interlinked being able to generate income for the businesses.

2. It becomes all the more important for the businesses to harness the power of SEO Optimization to ensure that one stays on the top for a particular key word in search Engine ranking.

3. Thus, if one wants to take a leap frog in the field of profits, than a visit to this Site for the tips in Internet Marketing News arena is a must to grow.

15 October 2007

Drivers Disregard Tri-State-Hands-Free Laws due to Lack of Enforcement

1. An interesting article from the web regarding disregarding Tri-State-Hands-Free Laws due to Lack of Enforcement. The article loading dependent on the speed of the internet.

T-Mobile to launch Apple iPhone in Germany

Initiative to Combat Cyber Bullying in Britain

1. I am posting an article from the web pertaining to combating cber bullying using internet and mobile phones.
2. Loading of article depends on the speed of ISP.

Do Not Call Registry

1. One can register with the service provider to escape from the irritating telemarketing calls.

2. One can even use the facility to avoid getting unsolicited Emails.

3. The procedure for registering for Do Not Call Registry for MTNL is as following:
(a)Call MTNL call centre number.
(b)Alternatively register online at and click "do not disturb" icon.
(c)Dolphin /Trump customers can send SMS 'ACT DND' to 56865 to register.
(d)One can even send request in writing to AGM(OP-PG&I), 10th Floor, Telephone House, Prabhadevi, Mumbai 400028.

Fabulous bad Credit Offers

1. I am perplexed seeing the state of certain people suffering because of the bad credit as they are not able to raise the requisite money to restart their ventures and thus suffer.

2. However a solution is in sight for bad credit consumers who are home loan seekers as they can get a loan at most competitive rates by virtue of as their customer staff enables one to get the best bad credit offer available in the market from a number of mortgage service providers. It even helps individuals to improve their credit rating by virtue of its free counseling on said subject. It even enables consumers to get back on their feet financially by virtue of its competitive deals in credit cards and auto loans etc.

8 October 2007


1. MTNL has launched Netfone for its broadband customers who can now call UK,USA,Canada and Australia at a meagre rate of RS 1/- per minute.

2. This phone will enable them to make VoIP calls directly instead of routing them through a PC.

3. The ideal plan is RS 400 per month plan in which user gets 800 minutes of free calls.


1. My wife is very a jovial person and keeps on tormenting me with the comments that I was lucky that she liked me and consented for a date. However tired of her comments I decided to take her challenge and to prove her wrong by showing that women are still interested in me.

2. Before venturing into this challenge I decided to arm myself with the information with latest tips on dating as Tsun Tzu has said as a war expert that if one knows his enemy than he can beat him in a thousand wars. I found this interesting dating site which even provided free newsletter from this dating web site and I was all set to take the bull by horn.

3. I subscribed to their interactive training from this interesting site to make my dream of dating today and tomorrow become a reality. I even listened to its free audio tips for dating and felt I was an expert. My expertise was further improved by their interactive training where I was taken to the clubs, restaurants and airports where I was physically shown how to ask a woman for the date and I must commend the expertise of the instructors who never failed at even one instance. I rather even doubted and just hoped that they have not planted their employees as women to show their success rate. I even tested them to ask for a date with a woman waiting in a lounge and the instructor succeeded.

4. I was fully confident of my success and even tested the same with a few woman and found that the tips were functioning. I went to my wife and asked her to go for a movie and I was just waiting for the right opportunity to prove my value to her. I deliberately interacted with her on the issue of dating to which she again quipped regarding my dating capability and taking it as a right opportunity I threw her a challenge that if I succeed for a date with a woman of her choosing she will stop bemoaning me on the said subject. She happily lapped up the offer and I was on the task with the woman indicated by her.

5. The result was positive courtesy the training and I enjoyed my date in presence of my wife and finally acceded to my dashing personality and apologized for making a fun of mine on the said issue and thus a controversial issue was solved with the training.


1. Apple has warned all the Apple iPHONE users to avoid hacking the instrument in their quest to see it functioning with carriers instead of scheduled carrier AT&T.

2. It has further informed that with their next software update they will not be able to use the phone at all.

3. A number of tricks have been posted on the net to ensure its workability with other service carriers but these programmes also tinker with software of iPHONE which can damage it.

5 October 2007


1. I came across Faxagent which is a scalable platform ready to be deployed to help enhance the business. Its Fax Server based pricing enables a simplified licensing as it provides unlimited user accounts, system profiles, unlimited domains and unlimited child domains which can be set to user preferences.

2. Its Fax Software is secured by virtue of integrated security options for enterprise domain servers to include Microsoft Active directory, IBM Lotus notes and industry LOAP services.

3. It can be even configured to send Fax Over IP by virtue of its enabled network which helps reduce business overhead costs as it is using public internet as a private transport or secured gateway.

4. So VOIP service providers; integrate Faxagent and take your business to new heights as it processes all types of calls and not just voice and it further helps by minimizing network bandwidth and handle changing service levels. This solution offloads fax transmission to reduce the load on internal voice gateways and thus its a boon for all those integrating it with their business.


1. I am particularly impressed with Skype as it enables me to stay in touch with my near and dear ones without even spending a penny.

2. To enable this system one needs to download Skype software from the internet and make the other user on the far end also install Skype and by virtue of intrenet one can speak to each other free of cost.

3. I find this service remarkable as it just requires a desktop/laptop and internet and you are connected free of cost with a headset and microphone.

3 October 2007


1. I am a great Television viewer and thus I had to share the time slot with my son between my business channel and my son's cartoon network channels. The days I used to become vehement that I want to watch my business channel my lovely son used to weep.

2. Thus tired of this daily drama, I decided to buy a good quality Television; however the budget was a constraint for my xPO-Panasonic-TH-50PX600U television desire which was far above my budget in normal market.

3. I searched the internet for the best deals for the said flat panel television and found the rates were varying between $1450- $1539. I found the best deal for xPO-Panasonic-TH-50PX600U at and decided to go ahead with the purchase as I was getting my dream HDTV Plasma Television at a competitive rate.

4. I am of the firm opinion that television viewing has become a feeling to rejoice by virtue of this H-50PX600U Flat Panel Televisions and now I can concentrate more on my business as watching business channel has become like undertaking business with pleasure and now I am having a different fight with my son who now intends watching his cartoon network on this new Television and asks me to see my business channels on our old television as he wants to have the best viewing experience.

5. However I consider money well spent as I got a good deal and of course a fantastic viewing experience coupled with no fights with my son courtesy this television. I am satisfied with the television as it has a big and bright 50" screen. It is an ultimate experience viewing TV as Panasonic's TH-50PX600U produces the best viewing experience which every home theater lover desires of. Their advanced plasma screen offers flexible connection options, PC compatibility, and other key conveniences which are very user friendly and thus this television can really help to progress my business by virtue of its verstality.

21 September 2007


1. Well, its my persoanl decision and I personally like the Nokia phones than any other brand phones.

2. I am impressed with the fact that even their basic models is also providing a service which can not be competed even by any other high end models.

3. Their heads up approach to accept their faults/defects and customer service is also one which goes in the favour of mobile phones from Nokia.


1. I love my hair a lot and was aghast that I was turning bald and in India they say that if one is turning bald it means one is becoming rich by each passing day. I am not satisfied with such fancy comments and wanted to try a hair loss products regarding which users are satisfied and had produced the result.

2. Being an internet savvy person I searched for the internet hair loss remedies and found that a product provillus enjoyed close to 94% level of satisfaction and these products have been rated by the users. Provillus enables preparation of scalp in a healthy environment and it provides requisite nutrients to enable bring back damaged and dead hair follicles back to life.

3. However its all products did not enjoy a high rating like a product procerin enjoyed a customer approval of 75% but this is also not a small achievement as three out of four customers is satisfied. Procerin cures baldness caused due to androgenetic alopecia as it is a natural supplement and serum for the hairs.

4. I am trying provillus as per the recommendation given regarding the product on the site and am finding improvement and thus would keep you posted regarding the net result and effect of the hair product. Now, I am satisfied that I have incorporated a hair loss product in my daily regime and hope to look as handsome as I was ever with my hairs back.

13 September 2007


1.It is no doubt that the quality comes at a price and that is the reason the Nokia charger is costing 300 rupees and a local charger is costing 40 rupees.

2.By using duplicate products one is putting his quality mobiles at risk for saving a few rupees.

3.All the fiasco of exploding batteries may be because of even using duplicate batteries as these particular cases have not been investigated.

4.So in own interest avoid using duplicate parts for mobile.


1.Nokia has undertook a correct ethical action by recall of its defective batteries.It is of no doubt for a small duration its other competitors like Samsung and Motorola etc may result in increased sale of sets for them but that is generally due to trial by other persons loyal to Nokia.

2.However, this phenomenon will be temporary and Nokia will garner its customer base as no organisation has suffered ever because of its ethical approach.


1.My wife has been pestering me for a long time to consider shifting to a better and bigger apartment of ours own but I always disliked the idea to go ahead as was terrified of the fact of dealing with real estate brokers who would make me run from pillar to post without any effective result.

2.However my one of the tech savvy friend introduced me to this House4Cell site which has a fantastic Real Estate Text Messaging Solution which is a messaging system which delivers photos to all the mobile phones and is the only service offering the same even for verizon phones! People interested in the property simply text in a code found on the sign and instantly get all the relevant information to include up to 3 photos.

3.It is a valuable service as it captures valuable leads for sellers and provides updates to the home buyers with instant information at their finger tips. In case one is using their services and "info enable" one’s properties then buyers can receive requisite information via text message instantly.

4. Cellit Mobile Marketing is a premier provider of mobile marketing solutions, for both large and small companies and has executed projects for bigwigs like Hearst Corporation and HSBC to their satisfaction. It has its sister websites to include House4Cell through which it manages mobile marketing campaigns for its smaller clients. Their service is noteworthy as a buyer can be shown the requisite information through text messages, faxes, and emails and of course the photos of the listing are delivered to prospective property buyer on his mobile.

5.This service provides valuable information for the sellers regarding the buyers and definitely this service enables them to convert a buyer into a prospective buyer by virtue of the follow-up.

6.I particularly liked this service as it is beneficial for both buyer and seller as it provides an interactive platform for both buyer and seller to convert a deal into a fruitful experience. It reduces the requirement of hunting for houses in mid afternoons during lunch breaks and instead visits your prospective home through your mobile and thus avoids visiting unnecessary properties.

7.House4Cell is the premiere service for realtors and definitely its services is an example of optimum utilization of mobile technology to market properties.

21 August 2007


1.I am deeply impressed with Nokia decision to recall the batteries as it requires a tremendous ethical companies only to recall the product which ha been observed as defective.

2.In India the influx and queries are on the higher side as Indians are not used to product recalls.However it is the order of the day as companies will have to go a step further to satisfy their customers.

3.All those who are worried regarding overheating should ensure that they should unplug the mobile from the charging if the charging is completed.


1. I have a habit of being a meticulous financial planner and has always given an advice to other personnel’s regarding the financial aspects. However it was awful for me when in one of the market crashes I lost heavily and it was becoming difficult for me to even pay the bills. I had an option to either book losses or pay the margin money for stock trading and I chose latter and paid all my dues to my broker which led to my all savings being committed. Now I was standing at a cross road that how to tide over the short term financial crisis and also I was hesitant to ask the same from my brother, sister, parents as it would have had tarnished my clean financial planner image.

2.I thought of drawing cash against my credit card limit but ruled out the same due to higher rate of interest and with chance found this cash advance site which pays upto $1500 without credit check. The amount is credited in your account without any questions asked against your next month cheque and of course one can roll this facility to another month at a small charge.

3. The site provides a number of alternative sites which are in the business of pay day loans and one can choose the best as per his requirement. Only requirement for getting this amount in one's account is to be drawing a salary of $1000 per month and of course one has to remember that the same is against pay cheque for the next month and the loan is available for duration of 4-30 days.

4.One can utilize this service from judiciously to tide over the short term loan requirement and this facility will also enable one to salvage one's credit rating by paying credit card and other utility bills timely and of course maintain the self esteem in front of there friends and relatives.


1.It was always my desire to have good friends and as a youngester I always endeavoured to develop good relationship through penpal columns which was prevalent in those bygone days.However with the impetus of internet the good relationships and dating is available free courtesy quality free dating sites.

2. I always thought that quality dating service is only available through paid dating sites but this site providing free online dating services have put my all doubts to rest regarding free service being productive with valueable service being provided by this site which is doing a yeoman service better than paid sites. I can definitely say that this site has raised bar for all the sites providing paid dating services.

3.Quality dates available through this site are reliable and ofcourse results in quality relationships which have long lasting effect for an individual and ofcourse such relationships do raise the self esteem and confidence of an individual.This site is a dream come true for me as I can find my dream date without paying a penny. Since a good free dating site exists; then why pay for all these services charging a handsome amount for the same service.

4.I have found my dream date through this free dating site; so what are you waiting for; do visit the site and get on the euphoric journey with your dream date. The site is equally relevant for both males and females and thus visit the site without any inhibitions.

16 August 2007


1.My wife is always pestering me that despite all these bonuses and talk of economy boom is not helping her as she along with children have not been taken out anywhere for a vacation and they did not want to settle for a trip less than an offshore trip. To avoid being targeted by my wife I applied for leave and got our visa ready as I decided to pamper my family. The first road block in my trip came in form of expenditure which had to be catered for flight reservations, hotel accommodations and resort bookings. I was aghast to note that booking through regular operators was overshooting my budget and thus my dream of taking my family and appeasing them with an offshore trip appeared to be shattered.

2.I was sitting with a long face when my Boss approached me and asked for the reason of my dejection. On listening to my whole story he commented that I cannot give you a raise which may take care of your expenses but can definitely advise you about an online booking site which he had utilized and had saved a lot and was able to undertake the trip with in the means of his budget. He advised me to check hotel discounts on the said site and book through them and of course get the guaranteed cheapest tickets for flights, hotels, cruises and vacation packages etc.

3. He gave me the site name and I was amazed to see that all my hotel reservations , flight reservations, vacation packages and related rentals were falling with in my budget. The story does not end here as I was able to get the complete information for my tour on the site itself courtesy its destination guide and road trip search. Ample alternatives were available to choose from the listed deals and of course i got the best with in my budget.

4.I booked through them and got an additional $100 discount also for 12 day booking through them and of course at home I was the best husband as my wife and children face were glowing with the idea of enjoying an offshore trip. Worldwide telephone bookings can be undertaken at 1-800-447-4136.Thanx Boss for giving a site name which was even better than a raise.

15 August 2007


1.Nokia has issued a statement that its BL-5C manufactured by Matushita company of Japan are defective as these tend to explode due to overheating and worldwide 100 cases have been reported.However no case has been reported in India.

2.SO how to detect whether you have a BL-5c battery:
(a)Check whether Nokia and BL-5c printed at back of your battery.
(b)Note 26 character battery serial number.
(c)Cross check battery no. at

3.In case no net assess then call Nokia customer care else check at tele no 30303838.

4.In case your battery is defective post the findings on their site and they will ship you fresh battery and get defective battery collected.

5.DO undertake the effort as batteries are prone to overheating during overcharging and best is to disconnect once your battery has been fully charged.

22 July 2007


1.I am interested in online trading and thus I have a laptop and connect it to internet through mobile by virtue of its bluetooth.

2.I have researched a number of mobile phones as am intersted in online trading during its complete duration as am not always able to carry the laptop with me.

3.I initially liked Nokia communicator series i.e 9300 and later on 9500 but I found that certain trading platforms still donot open in it and speed of execution is also poor in it.

4.I am still researching and somebody advised me that Nokia latest launched phone N95 will be able to open all trading platforms i.e whether it is Java Based or symbian based softwares.

5.So am still looking for the feedback on Nokia N95 and if you have any clue please do leave a comment.

17 June 2007


1.I personally feel if you want to make your employee life like hell,then give him a mobile funded from your company resources.

2.Definitely the life of an employee is hell because of his employer frequent tormenting requirements.

3.Worst is the scenarios wher bosses try to cut down their phone bills give a missed call and expect their employees to call them.


1.Now with the availabilty of mobile phones parents are free of the tension of whereabouts of their children and especially of their daughters in India who are treasured more in India.

2.So mobile phone has revolutionised as everybody is with in easy reach from husband-wife,mother-son,father-daughter etc.The family bond has grown courtesy the mobile revolution.

21 May 2007


1.A mobile phone is designed to function non stop.

2.However once a while switching it off and then switching it on enables the phone to reload its software and thus helps in better functioning of phone.z

3.Above tip is helpful for the phones loaded with numerous softwraes.


1.Inbuilt Bluetooth can be used for transfer of files and internet data.

2.It has been observed that data transfer slows down with blue tooth transfer.

3.Whenever the blue tooth is not in use switch it off and preferably keep your phone visibility hidden to avoid unnecessary download of a virus from an infected phone.

4.Whenever you need to transfer file to another unpaired blue tooth device make setting of bluetooth visibility to shown to all

menu>organiser>bluetooth>my phone visibility>hidden or shown to all


1.Do not over charge the battery.Give your charger and phone rest by displugging both from main electric point.

2.Overcharging in Tropical environment with excessive temperature can cause instrument catching fire due to battery overheating.Though chances of this event are remote.

3 May 2007


1.Buy insurance for your costly mobile phone to ward off any financial loss.

2.In case you are not buying insurance then paste your name and alternative mobile number on your mobile back side for other person to contact you in case you forget it inadverently and genuine returner can contact you.

3.In case you are moving in transit then you can tie mobile with a hard tag and pass it through your trouser loop or ladies can tie it with a loop of their purse to avoid inadverent falling of mobile.

4.Alternatively a case for carrying mobile can be purchased and tagged with your belt.

5.Hope such tips will ensure that you do not lose your precious equipment.

2 May 2007


1.It is a known tendency in certain countries to cover the outer part of mobile with talc(plastic) sheet to protect from dust and water.

2.Beware of wrapping phone in plastic sheets/transparent sheets as it leads to phone not being able to breathe i.e heat accumulates inside plastic sheets/phone is not able to cool itself due to tropical environment as heat is not able to escape and your phone may crash.

24 April 2007


1.In case you are facing the problem of poor signal from your operator then undertake following change in your settings in phone.The aim of following setting is to change operator service selection from automatic to manual.



1.This phone is available in India @ approx price tag of RS 35000/-.

2.This phone is future technology proof as is GPRS and EDGE enabled.

3.If you enjoy clicking photos then it has 5 mega pixel camera,which can beat any camera.


1.Airtel in India is shortly going to launch the viewing of TV programmes on your mobile and your favourite channels will be wrapped in a bouquet of 25-50 RS.

2.Motorola and blackberry set owners may have to wait as service is not compatible with their handsets.

3.So be ready to see your favourite channels on mobile with a time lag of 20 secs.

29 March 2007


1.Displays imei

2.Java Reset and (Deletes all Java Midlets)

3.Reset Media (Deletes All Sounds and Pics)

4.Wap Reset

5.Help Menu

6.Java menu (GRPS/CSD settings for JAVA server)

7.Monitor Mode

8.Software Version

9.Hardware Version

10.Sim Information

11.Display Contrast

12.Vibration On (until you push OK)

13.Buzzer On (until you push OK)

14.Battery & Field Information

15.Error log

16.Sim Service table
*#0778# date and alarm clock
*#9998*782# network information

19.change operator logo at startup

20.production number

21.view melody for alarm

22.Non-Volatile Memory (NVM)

23.Digital Audio Interference Off

24.Digital Audio Interference

25.Show Software Version

26.Show Software Version (instructions)

27.Show Serial Parameters

28.Activates the smiley when charging.

29.Battery status (capacity, voltage, temperature)

30.Program status

31.Debug screens


33.Trace Watchdog

34.Jig detect

35.Memory status

36.RTK (Run Time Kernel) errors

37.Run, Last UP, Last DOWN

38.Software Version

39.Vocoder Reg - Normal, Earphone or carkit can be selected


41.Reset On Fatal Error


43.Yann debug screen (=Debug Screens?)

44.Software version

45.Custom EEEPROM Reset

46.Full EEPROM ResetThis code will remove sp lock in some modelsBut also changes IMEI to 447967-89-400044-0,

47.Samsung s300 unlock code enter these 5 codes without sim card in phone!your phone should then be unlocked
1. *2767*63342#
2. *2767*3855#
3. *2767*2878#
4. *2767*927#
5. *2767*7822573738

48.Samsung v200 unlock codes Enter these codes into phone without sim in phoneThis will not work on some new versions
1. *2767*63342# then
press green button
2. *2767*3855# then
press green button
3. *2767*2878# then
press green button
4. *2767*927# then
press green button
5. *2767*7822573738#
then press green


1.IMEI Number IMEI

2.Phone number +push


4.L1 debug on/off

5.Forbidden list

6.Back to default

7.Text(scroll up/down)

8.Simlock status sim
*#9917# config.

10.Fc init

11.Toc init

12.Discharging battery


14.Test signal

15.List of characters

16.Select 2/3 menu lines

17.Show State

18.Hide state

19.Watch stop

20.Watch start

21.Contrast set

22.Adjust shine

23.Play tetris


1.IMEI number:
* # 0 6 #

2.Software version:
* # 9 9 9 9 #

3.SIMcard serial number:
* # 9 9 9 4 #

4.Information about battery status:
* # 9 9 9 0 #

5.Selftest (only Dancall HP2731):
* # 9 9 9 7 #

6.Show version configuration:
* # 9 9 9 8 #

7.Net Monitor:
* # 9 9 9 3 #


1.Displays imei

2.In main menu press * for HOT MENU:Lcd, Led, Vibra, Tests, Imei, Software Versions, Battery Voltage Type Menu –
5 - 1 - 1 -# to enter ENGINEERING MENU


1.Displays imei

2.Status Register: C, BS, RR, MMI, CREAT

3.Activate & Deactivate the "DEBUG CALL"-

4.The time in days, hours & minutes you are connected to the net

5.Not Clear; the phone reconnects to the net

6.Not Clear; Warmstart?

7.(NO) BLOCKING - list (15 Items)

8."BEER": not clear, the phone waits a random time and reconnects to the net,sometimes the phone makes a reset

9.Init, Flags, SIM LCK

10.Resets the (NO) BLOCKING – list

11.Name, Length, SIM phase


13.You can activate & deactivate the SLEEP MODE (when deactivated the battery will go down)


15.SWITCH OFF: not clear; it is a timer or something

16.Some information about the SLEEP MODE Philips Genie (TCD838)

17.Will activate the beep signal when the cellphone reconnected to the net


1.Displays imei

2.Displays Software Version
(Press within first 10 sec after power on)

3.Unlock menu


1.Displays imei

2.Shows software version

3.Shows if your phone supports sim clock stopping

4.Displays various information, repair date, purchase date etc

5.Activates enhanced full rate

6.Deactivates enhanced full rate

7.Activates enhanced half rate

8.Deactivates enhanced half rate

9.Position in phone (where x is 1-9)

10.Blue tooth information/address

11.Enables gprs pccch

12.Deletes wallet (6310,6310i tested)

13.Clears operator logo on some versions of 3310 & 3330

14.Sim lock status (where x is the master unlock code

15.Software reset (7650)


1.Displays imei

2.List the Software & Hardware Version
*#300# OK

3.Full Keypads Functional Test
*#301# OK

4.Set Default Language to English
*#303# Ok

5.Set OFF engineering mode
*304# OK

6.Set ON Engineering mode

7.Location: 1 OK
*#305# OK

8.Engineering Test Mode
*#307# OK

9.Phone code changed to default code
*#311# OK

10.ADC, Cal val*
*#400# OK

11.Adjust Display Intensity/Contrast
*#402# OK

12.List the manufacturing Information’s
*#403# OK

13.Master Unlock code for Phone & Sim Lock
19980722 OK

14.Acoustic Test*
*#302# OK

15.Enhanced Full Rate

16.Deactivate Enhanced full Rate

17.Confirm?, Data Saved
*#72837726# OK

18.Phone Code Default
1234 OK

19.Settings saved, restore set phone to default language
*#0000# OK



* # 06 #

2.IMEI and SW (LG 510):

* # 07 #

3.Software version (LG B1200 ):

* 8375 #

4.Recount check sums (LG B1200 ):

* 6861 #

5.Factory test (B1200):

#PWR 668

6.Unknown(LG 500 ):


7.Unknown(LG 200 )

*789# + send

8.Unknown (LG 500 ):

9270#* and 9278#*

9.Simlock menu (LG B1200):


10.Simlock menu (LG 510W, 5200):


11.Simlock menu (LG 7020, 7010):


12.Simlock menu (LG 500, 600 ):



1.Displays IMEI

2.Language Automatically (reset to English)

3.Enhance Full Rate

4.Reset the phone

5.Enter Sim Lock

6.Enter the corporate code (Bosch 908)

7.Enter the Provider Code (Bosch 908)

8.Enter Network Code

9.Enter the Subset Code

10.Remove the Sim Lock Permanently

11.Remove the Corporate Lock permanently

12.Remove the Provider Lock permanently

13.Remove the Network Lock permanently

14.Remove the subset lock permanently

15.Hidden 10th menu

28 March 2007


1.It is human tendency to keep the phone batteries on constant charge to avoid being disconnected due to non charging.

2.The continous charging of the cell phone battery leads to deterioration of the life of the battery.

3.Thus to ensure optimum life of the battery of cell phone it is recommended that once in a week the battery should be allowed to discharge fully and then it is to be charged fully and thereafter for the whole week it may be running on the continous charging.

4.Above action will give maximum life for the battery.

19 March 2007


1.While buying any electronic item the first thing which comes to our mind is the technical support for the equipment available.

2.In India the best technical support is available for NOKIA mobiles with ease of availaility of repairing centres and spares.

3.I had a personal experience of visiting Nokia support centre at Hyderabad/Secunderabad and Nasik and the service was good with timely response.

4.The Nokia service centrs in India is managed by Solectrum Centrum company a listed company in India.


1.To check the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) type: *#06#

2.Information you get from the IMEI:


TAC = Type Approval Code (first 2 digits = country code). FAC = Final Assembly Code (For Nokia phones FAC=10).

SNR = Serial Number. SP = Spare (always SP=0).


1.To perform a full factory reset/format perform the following actions as listed below:

2.Power the phone off

3.Press down talk/green + 3 + *

4.Power the phone on and enjoy RESET

17 March 2007


1.Mobile communication is the business of future with only 4% penetration in India as compared to 54% in Brazil.

2.Companies like BHARTI(airtel) network and RELIANCE COMMUNICATIONS is enjoying high valuations because of sun rise industry.

3.This is the reason that VODAFONE paid heavily for HUTCH acquisition and is enjoying its marriage with ESSAR group.


1.The answer is strict NO as a normal cable attached with the mobile weakens the functioning of mobile without cable and also can lead to internal destruction of mobile due to high voltage passage during lightening.

2.In case signal strength is to be improved, the same should be improved with the antenna provided by the phone manufacturer or service provider.


1.Each one of must have had encountered this question a number of times and the answer to this question is valid for developing countries especially for India,Pakistan,Bhutan,Myanmar and Nepal.

2.The best mobile in these countries is NOKIA because poor network coverage and vast tracts of land and difficult terrain leads to poor network connectivity and it is my personal experience that NOKIA mobiles provide an additional signal bar as compared to other mobiles and thus better connectivity.

3.The above post is no way endorsing NOKIA as a product and thus the mobile be purchased with your own research and diligence.


1.It is imperative that the care of mobile is taken from dust and water,however majority of mobiles are hermetically sealed and can with stand normal dust and touching with wet hands.

2.A word of caution is that this hermetical seal is broken if ever the mobile is opened for repair.

3.Their is no requirement to heavily cover your mobiles with talc or other type of casing as it does not allow the mobile to breathe and may lead to failure of mobile due to overheating and this is more valid for tropical regions like India.


1.Imagine your cell battery is very low and you are expecting an important call and you do not have a charger.

2.Nokia instrument comes with a reserve battery and to press the keys *3370#, Your cell will restart with this reserve and the instrument will show a 50% increase in battery.

3.This reserve will get charged when u charge your cell nexttime.


1.In case one has locked the keys in the car and car is with remote keys then mobile can come handy.

2.If one happens to lock his keys in the car and the spare keys are at home, call someone on your cell phone and ask him to hold remote key near his phone on his end and press the unlock button and by virtue of transmission of signal through your mobile held near the car door, the car will unlock.

3.It saves someone from having to drive your keys to you.

4.Distance is no barrier for this operation.

5.It works fine after the trial was undertaken by self and the car opened.


1.The Emergency Number worldwide for Mobile is 112.

2.If you find yourself out of coverage area of your mobile network and there is an emergency, dial 112 and the mobile will search any existing network to establish the emergency number for you

3.Interestingly this number112 can be dialed even while the keypad is locked.

4.Try it out.

12 March 2007


1. PUNCH*#06# in phone to get unique 15 digit serial number of phone and note it down safely.

2. When your phone get stolen inform your service provider and give them this code and they will block the phone immediately.The thief cannot use now blocked phone even with a new SIM.

3. You may not get your phone back but even thief also cannot use it.

4. Spread the word around so that it becomes pointless for somebody to steal your phone.

11 March 2007


1. Undertake following actions for a mobile fallen in water erroneously or water seeps into mobile due to spillage:

(a) Remove the mobile immediately from water.

(b) Remove the battery and sim card and wipe it clean.

(c) Wrap the phone in a towel or tissue and dry it as much you can gently.

(d) If you are technical savvy open all parts of mobile separately and dry each part separately.

(e) Finally place the mobile in a bowl of dry uncooked rice which will absorb the moisture.

(f) Seek professional Help and if possible submit phone at phone authorised service station.


The usage of the blog information confirms that you have read disclaimer.The information listed has been obtained from authentic source and wherever possible the same has been verified;however the information displayed be used and acted at your own discetion and the owner of the blog will not be held responsible for any financial loss or any legal raminification arising due to the information used from the blog.Please use your personal discretion while using information from the blog.